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Endpoint Protection & Network Security & Wireless

We offer Endpoint protection to ensure your business has around the clock firewall and virus protection, guaranteeing your network is free from intrusion, spyware and hackers.We also provide Web Gateway solution to prevent unsecured traffic from entering an internal network of an organization thus protect users from accessing or being infected by malicious Web traffic, websites virus and Malware.

Our Cyber Security team has years of experience working together with major financial and government institutions ensuring their servers and network devices are Penetration tested to minimize potential risks exposure and identify vulnerabilities.

We help you to identify gaps that create risk, develop a stronger security posture, and assist towards your company compliance mandates.


We provide this level of support through our layered IT staff and by providing your business with strategic IT planning, technology management and a deep understanding of your business. Our comprehensive IT services and knowledgeable engineers help your business gain a competitive edge and flourish.

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